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Toyota Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) Free Download (Latest)




Toyota HMM & H.M.M engine systems Turbocharged engines The turbocharging technique applies pressure to the engine to force fresh air into the combustion chamber, which increases the amount of air and fuel available for combustion. The turbocharger's compressor is driven by the engine's exhaust gases. Due to the high temperature of exhaust gases from a turbocharged engine, it is important to design the exhaust system so that it doesn't damage the turbocharger. A turbocharger does not operate at all at low engine speeds and rpm. To use a turbocharged engine correctly, the engine's manifold vacuum should be above a specified minimum, depending on the application. This is why turbocharging is typically associated with engines that have relatively large displacement and provide a high torque characteristic for towing. Older small engines, in particular, can be turbocharged to improve their performance in terms of power and torque. However, these engines do not have as good fuel economy as naturally aspirated engines. On the other hand, there is a trend of replacing engines with more than one inlet valve per cylinder. The multi-valve technology is particularly useful when the engine is required to operate in two different modes: inlet valve closed and open. The most common example is a dual-clutch transmission that uses the same engine to drive both the input shaft and output shaft. The multi-valve technology enables a smaller engine to be used to deliver the same amount of torque as a larger engine. Multi-valve engines are in use in a variety of markets including heavy-duty truck and off-highway applications. Toyota was one of the first to use this technology in its engines, and the first Toyota engines with multiple inlet valves per cylinder included: 1992 Camry, 1992-1999 Acura Integra (E32), 1993 Acura Integra (E33), 1996 Lexus LX300 and 2001 Lexus LX470. Clutch, camshaft and timing systems A clutch is used to connect and disconnect the engine to the transmission and the wheels. In a manual transmission, the clutch has a clutch pedal and a mechanism to control the transmission. In an automatic transmission, the clutch is part of the transmission and the driver does not have to take action. The clutch system is one of the most important systems on an engine, and the degree to which it is controlled affects the engine's performance and driveability. A smooth, positive engagement of the clutch can result in reduced




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Toyota Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) Free Download (Latest)

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